Mar 26, 2012

Self Portrait

... and I put in a picture of myself as well.

The people of Glenroy were quite supportive, well some of them.

When they saw me painting, children and old people would come up to me and say things like 'did you paint this?', 'that's much better than I could do', 'Well done, dear' and 'good girl', (I suppose an 80 year old woman in a pants suit can call a 48 year old woman in a baseball cap with a skull on it a 'girl'). The people in the Kebab House across the road were especially nice, well, the women were. They let me use the toilet and wash the paint off my hands and eat lovely lentil soup and bread whilst keeping an eye on my witches' hats out the window.

It was fine to be thanked for attempting to beautify Glenroy to the best of my ability; I don't want anything more than this (money and food is nice, also, occasionally) but it did tend to make be a bit high-handed when I pulled my trolley home at the end of the day. To be seen with a shopping jeep, even with orange witches' hats poking out the top of it automatically stereotypes one as a street crazy. It's not like I am not accustomed to such treatment; but tired as I was from my efforts on their behalf I didn't find Glenroy's restaurateurs, bus drivers, schoolchildren, bread shop girls or Craigieburn train 'customers' appropriately grateful.

And the 'excel loo' was very, very disgusting.

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