Oct 26, 2011

Some houses...

... which are also in the exhibition.

By The Way

My exhibition of drawings at Brunswick Bound Bookshop; The Mysterious All-Alloneo Archipelago is now up on the walls. The afternoon tea party is on this Saturday and you are all welcome to come. Most of the islands have appeared on this blog, but there are a few new ones.
Brunswick Bound is at 361 Sydney Road Brunswick, and tea will be served at 2 pm on
Saturday 29th of October.

Oct 9, 2011


After Murrumbeena I travelled into the city boxed in by the type of over-educated idiots who think dressing in a rented suit and standing in a field watching horses run about is an acceptable way to spend an afternoon.
Coming back to Clifton Hill in late afternoon light I passed West Richmond, Colingwood, Victoria Park all looking splendid, but I was on the express train to Hurstbridge. At Westgarth station I snapped 2 girls going over the dilapidated footbridge without them noticing; I'd rather not take pictures of people, especially those I don't know, but this was a happy accident ... and don't they look happy?
The new railbridge over Merri Creek looks a bit pop art; is it meant to be retro 1960's?


As unlikely a place as Murrumbeena provided me with a perfectly serviceable cup of teabag for $2.50. An impossibly twee name and sign and logo, but a proper bakery rather than a franchise, with such a high counter I couldn't see over it; meant for working men in search of meat pies and pasties and nescafe in big, manly mugs.
Then a pee in a vintage 1960's toilet block.

Caulfield again.

The number 3a tram deposited me in Caulfield. I was brought so low I went in to a Gloria Jean's.


By the time I left Brighton I was starting to be in need of a cup of tea. There are two things which make travel bearable; the availability of toilets and of tea. Other things like a certain amount of civility, privacy and respect for each other by one's fellow passengers, seem to be optional. So I got off at Balaclava in an effort to find a decent cafe serving more black teas than Earl Grey or English Breakfast. Or failing that a tram to parts West and another train station. No cafes with more than a passing acquaintance with tea, but plenty of attitude and snobbery.

Hampton & Brighton Beach

As befits a posh suburb like Hampton, the train station was both clean and tagging free, and hardly patronized.
Brighton Beach had more people, as well as a working toilet. I've always liked BB station; as an adolescent I spent many winter days wandering on the beach, disconsolately.

Oct 6, 2011


Cheltenham Station is next to a beautiful cemetery. I wandered about in it for some time.
I had an idea I could catch a bus across to the Dandenong line, but I could only get as far as Southland, and in despair, caught the first bus out of there to Hampton.


Mordialloc has picturesque decrepitude and an oddly shaped railway water tower of historical significance.


From Caulfield, to Malvern, then onwards to Carrum, three stops before Frankston. Carrum station looks like a municipal toilet block built in the 1930's.


I was at Caulfield before 10 am, and Saturday seemed to be turning into a day of warm, filthy wind. The Caulfield races seem to be on because various types of losers and Hooray Henrys wander through the station while I take photos.