Mar 29, 2011

In a frustrating meeting...

I draw this.
It has been a bit of a frustrating week so far, actually. I left my folio at West Richmond station, and received less than helpful service from the Metro employee at Clifton Hill station; how surprising. Well, perhaps I shouldn't mock the intellectually disabled. I was advised to contact the Lotht Property Offith, but as it was after 5pm, I should try next morning. What are the chances of anyone handing in an art folio? Slim I would guess.

Mar 17, 2011

Though not strictly situated in the All-Alloneo Archipelago, this lonely island with its handsome Irradiata Pine tree borders the huge and empty Pacific Ocean at its extreme eastern edge.

Mar 11, 2011

Flora of the Mysterious All-Alloneo Archipelago

Melancholia Island has a beautiful stand of Bellus amicus, as well as a small jetty. An attractive wrought iron bridge connects this island to Abdominis Maximus which lies adjacent.

The Archipelagos only 'desert' island, Infanta Utera has a single Iron Blood tree, Ferris mirmexas which is tended by Anonychomyrma ants. These fierce little ladies will attack with a burning substance anyone foolish enough to attempt to harm the tree.

The twin islands of Dormir and Torpor are submerged at high tide. They are each blessed with a single mangrove tree of the species Mankus bubox which sweats at low tide a substance said to resemble overripe brie.

A single and venerable tree graces the island of Doloris. It is the last remaining Crow Tree, Corvus perpetua, and is over 2,000 years old.

On the island of Solus Surfexus a forest of Pinus adulata hides a ruined fortress reputed to date from the founding of the 1st Empire. It is haunted by the ghosts of men and women imprisoned there on their way to slavery and death in the Great South land.

The trees of the Island of Sweetgrass are hollow and thus a disappointment to sailors wishing to re-mast a distressed ship after a storm or Kraken attack. The Felicita felicitus or 'Promise' tree however secretes a red, sticky sap which can be used as a tincture to relieve catarrh.

The lagoon of the island of Love-In-A-Fog harbours a myriad of unusual and hideous aquatic life - which need not concern us. The forests of this island consist of the Violet tree, Vulvax argenta and an accompanying toadstool which is able to grow only in its shadow. The Death Brolley or Furled Fungus of Forgetfullness is hallucinogenic, lethal in even the smallest amounts and tastes like vanilla milkshake.

This tropical tree on Memento Amori Island blossoms twice a year in May and September. It is named Rosicrucio and will cause extreme skin irritation if touched or even lightly brushed.

The attractive curves of these Boh-Boh trees (Torticollis sp; Higgly-Piggly) were planted on Princess Charlotte Island by the explorer William Dampier's consort Prince Jeole in memory of his homeland and to provide food for migratory Puce Swallows.

This single and excellent example of the Bonetown Bay Fig, Ficus macrocorpus on Scriptus Island can be seen appearing over the horizon like a large green cloud for many hundreds of miles; the white birds clustered about its abundant fruit like swarms of butterflies.

Connected by a bridge to Melancholia Island, the hilly isle of Abdominis Maximus has a forest of Potato gums, Eucalyptus tuberosa and is a delightful place to rest, perhaps indulge in some improving literature, or even a short, restorative sleep.

These three delightful isles, named for the three muses; Escophia, Lectia and Dormira each have a single example of the Giraffe tree, Cameleopardis perplexis, with its distinctive caramel coloured bark.

These mysterious trees of the genus Fagus are called by superstitious sailors 'The Corpse-Finger' tree for their pale pink branchlets and the peculiar and revolting aroma of their flowers. This island is called Longtime Dead Isle after them.

Peppermint Ice Gums, Eucalyptus glacies, grow on the land farthest south of the islands of the All-Alloneo Archipelago and can withstand extreme cold, occasionally freezing solid during the southern winter. In summer Jupiter Island is home to many peripatetic birds and bats, but during the winter months ice can stretch like a glittering bridge all the way to the unexplored (and largely theoretical) land at the South Pole.