Sep 21, 2011

Spencer Street

I began on Saturday with 'Southern Cross' station. I missed a special steam train with what seemed to be red rattler carriages going to Geelong; it was steaming out of the station as I was coming in. It is remarkable how many things I missed out on photographing even when I had a camera in my hands.

Sep 17, 2011

Elsternwick Station

The photos of Windsor Station are mostly of the sunset; and I waited at Elsternwick for the lights to be put on so I could attempt a moody, summery picture of a suburban railway station; it came out as be-bop.

South Yarra

By this time I was desperately in need of a cup of tea ... but I made do with what was available at a South Yarra Station franchise; a paper cup of hot water, a teabag and quite a lot of milk. And I didn't spill it on myself during my journey to Elsternwick.


... on much the same lines as Camberwell.

Coming into Richmond

East Richmond

No trains stop at East Richmond, so I didn't either.

Burnley Station

Gardiner Station

This picture was taken at the point where the Burke Road tram crosses the Glen Waverly line, just before Gardiner Station.

Malvern East

Anniversary trail

After camberwell, I took the very pretty, but very under-used Alamein Line to its terminus and walked along the old Outer Circle line, now beautified at State expense as the Anniversary Trail. That is I walked until I heard the sound of the The Monash Freeway cutting through the Gardiner's Creek Valley, and then I was stopped by the bridge at Solway St. being washed away. I was in no mood for the detour that penetrated a fairy dell alongside the creek, and I am afraid I was short with the golfers barring my way to East Malvern Station.

Alamein Station

Camberwell Station

Camberwell station was next, and I especially wanted to photograph the long, deep curve that seems to go on forever when coming into the station; but the only good photo has a shunted train hiding behind hawthorn berries.
I remember when I thought that Camberwell was the most sophisticated station; I was impressed by the ultra modern walkways down to platform 1, complete with rockery. The station looks a little battered now, but better than in the 1980's when it and the shops on the high side were both decaying into quirkiness. Today you will never be far from coffee, shoes or sushi in Camberwell.

Flinders Street, again

Royal Park station

On Friday I began photographing train stations near my home with Royal Park Station; impressively maintained for the tourists visiting the Zoo, the station looks like it was only just built.

Sep 15, 2011

Clifton Hill Station

Flinders Street

Flinders Street from across the road in a sushi bar.

Anstey Station, on the Upfield line

North Melbourne

The first photo I took a few years ago with mere flukery, the second with a proper digital camera, but also by happy accident.


I went out as far as Laverton today, to take pictures; I have been lent a digital SLR camera and I am trying to learn how to use it. So I have decided to try to photograph as many of Melbourne's Suburban Train stations in a week as I can manage. I'll put the interesting images up here. I am limiting my brief to those stations which appear in my Val Morgan Detailed Street Map of Melbourne, which, judging by the advertisements for Valiants and Drive In Theatres, was printed in the late 1960's.
In the coming months the stations I can't get to I will tell an autobiographical story about, or make up some alternative history, or draw the station; I've got a good drawing of Footscray, in a journal somewhere.

Sep 14, 2011


Last night on a cold Melbourne evening I saw a man wandering up and down High Street Northcote clutching the front of his slightly too small short-sleeved shirt. I noticed he was also wearing jeans that didn't allow him to sit comfortably on a Tram stop and leave his arse unexposed to the chill northern breezes. Obviously an alien in a man-flesh suit, hastily acquired, a little too small; reconnoitering.

My Desk

This is my desk whilst I was working on my large map of the inner city of Maversham. The spoon is an improvised burnishing tool I used to transfer the pencil on the back of the tracing paper image onto the posh paper. I was using the top of a biro, but a spoon proved more effective.

Sep 13, 2011

Eric & Elvis

These are the sons of Sidonie.

Sidonie Frith

U.S.I.S. Map

Marvellous Maversham

I am showing some of my pictures from the work I have been doing creating a world.
In the red room at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy Melbourne. It will be on until the 22nd of September.