Sep 28, 2012

Rape and Murder on Sydney Rd.

Yes, terrible things happen every day, every hour. But this happened on my doorstep and I can't help feeling I could have done something. Instead of making me frightened, as it would've done when I was younger and more of a target for abuse, I am getting into fights. Yesterday the streets were clogged with the gentlemen of the Press. I asked a Channel 7 cameraman (rather peremptorily I admit) to get out of my way and he replied "Calm down, luv!". Obviously; crimes against women committed outside my door should leave me calm. 'Parasites!' I hissed. 'Bloodsuckers!' 'Hey' he says " We're catching murderers!"

Sep 25, 2012

The Haunted Spaceship

The Haunted Spaceship This is on from today, Tuesday 25th September 19:00 ish At Squishface Studio; 309 Victoria St. Brunswick The Haunted Spaceship - a salut to French comic artist Jean Giraud aka Moebius and the European tradition in comic art. Featuring: Neale Blanden, Clint Cure, Michael Camilleri, Jo Waite, Bruce Mutard, Marta Tesoro, Sarah Howell, Ive Sorocuk, Glenn Smith, David Blumenstein, Matt Bissett-Johnson, Andrei Buters, Andrew Fulton, Dan Reed and Bernard Caleo

Sep 18, 2012

Traffic Signal Box

These are some photos taken by Andrei Buters of my painting on the TSB on Lygon Street.