Jun 10, 2008

A Teapot given to me; now sadly broken.

Herbal Teas

I admit I like Herbal Teas. I drink Peppermint, and Rosehip and Hybiscus, Lemongrass, and Chamomile before bed. These undeniable pleasures I deny myself when I have to pay $4.00 for them in a dropdead cool cafe.

Jun 5, 2008

Places I have had a perfectly ghastly cup of tea.

Ray in Victoria St. Brunswick. Many years ago, I drank a glass tumbler of Green Tea whilst waiting for a tardy friend; my stomach getting more and more acidic as each minute passed.

The Botanic Gardens Cafe at the Observatory obviously.

America. Without exception. And so, by extension, any company owned & controlled by Americans like Gloria Jean and her friend Starbuck. Even if the workers could previously cobble together a decent cup of tea; they are presumably re-educated to produce medium, large & jumbo paper beakers of warm brown water.

Coco inc. in High Street Northcote.

A massively cartoonycool and skateboadarific cafe The Empire Strikes Back in Sydney Rd Brunswick served me an Earl Grey tea of no perceptible taste. When I asked the man with the dreads whether I was really drinking E.G. because it "doesnt taste very Bergamoty", he was nonplussed, and not very interested. This same cool dude would have been grossly insulted if I had deprecated the frothiness of his Soy Mochachino. {Except, what do they do to Soy milk to make it liable to froth? Cows milk holds those cute bubbles with fat; delicious, versatile fat. Just how fatty are Soy beans?}