Feb 14, 2012

Comic Shops

In the same way that guiding a tourist round your city changes your view of it, trying to find a comic shop for a comic from the Balkans called Kuš! #9 'female secrets' (go look at it; http://www.komikss.lv/) made me remember what I found so dispiriting about trying to find a niche for my own work.
I recommended The Sticky Institute wholeheartedly, even though they don't specialize in comics. Also Minotaur slightly less eagerly after a quick look at their website; quite a lot to interest an arrested adolescent in the way of Super Heroes, games, figurines, fantasy, but grown up ladies? So other comic shops? or places like Readings or Hill of Content? Neither, both? I gave up.


Sarah Howell said...

Kus! is awesome. We got an issue in Switzerland, it lives in Squishface now.

I reckon Metropolis or the NGV shop to be honest for Kus! Even try All Star Comics, I bought Sam Wallman's book there the other day.

Sarah Howell said...

I reckon Metropolis books, the NGV shop or even All Star Comics. I bought Sam Wallman's book from All Star the other day.

Sarah Howell said...

Weird, the comment making machine went blank before, so I thought it hadn't worked, but maybe it did?