Feb 15, 2011

North Melbourne Water Spirit

A triangle of land; the island between Errol, Harcourt, Courtney and Harris streets in what seems like the lowest point of North Melbourne. Next to an electricity substation is a grate; always there is the sound of running water. By the bus stop there are three Moreton Bay Fig trees, giving the whole the feel of a billabong. If there is a water spirit in North Melbourne it would live here, and would be a little cranky.

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vanessa wighton said...

Hi Jo
shared a house with you 20 or so years ago. Came across a diary belonging to you amongst my stuff the other day -I think you lent it to me to use an image from. Inscribed by your mother 1986 -don't know why I still have it but if you would like it back, please let me know (I'll be in Melb March 5/6 or I can post it to you)
Your work is as beautiful as ever.
All the best
Vanessa W