May 29, 2010


I think this is my favourite season. I am occasionally overcome by melancholy, but in Autumn this seems natural and right. In Summer sadness can seem so wholly out of place in this city where a celebratory, even giddy mood can predominate; even while the trees die. In Winter a gentle sadness can turn into a hopeless despair. Spring is such a contrary season; balmy breezes precede icy rain, and we must look to the skies and the dams so that there is no time for reflection.
In Autumn I walk the streets and alleys of my town, and dream.


Anthony Woodward said...

I could see one of your characters walking around your imaginary town thinking this.

TheBoogley said...

I share your feelings about this, there is a contemplative melancholy that autumn fosters. I find it's a frustrating feeling when I'm trying to focus on a set task, but when I stop what I'm doing and allow it to sweep over me it offers it's own special insight and tangent projects.